Mini Pro TL866CS USB BIOS Universal Programmer

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Mini Pro TL866CS USB BIOS Universal Programmer in Pakistan

TL866CS Bios Programmer

1. Support simultaneously burn with 4 Programmers each computer
2. The Minimum Volume and the lowest Power Consumption and Do not Feel any Heat in Process.
3. All chips do not need an external power supply, the low power consumption of its own to ensure that the USB port can provide enough power.


Mini Pro TL866CS USB BIOS Universal Programmer in Pakistan

TL866CS Bios Programmer

The Outstanding advantages of TL866 programmer

1. Support simultaneously burn with 4 Programmers each computer
2. The Minimum Volume and the lowest Power Consumption and Do not Feel any Heat in Process.
3. All chips do not need external power supply, the low power consumption of its own to ensure that the USB port can provide enough power.
4. Best internal 40 foot over voltage protection, the strongest VCC/VPP 4-level overcurrent protection. The short-circuit do not reset the PC.
5. Wide range of chip 13000+ support, support for serial and parallel series 40/44/48PIN large capacity FLASH
6. Unique serial ICSP interface. supporting the serial download and high-speed parallel high voltage programming. Note: TL866CS does not support ICSP
7. Test CMOS4000 74/54 series integrated circuit. Can be located in the gate circuit error.
8. Chip auto serial number is the most complete and practical.
9. Original chip encryptionoperation on AVR microcontroller with internal RC Calibration byte. The Decrypt software can not be directly run on another same type of chip.


High Speed Programming

This programmer has Built-in MCU with high-performance and high-capacity USB interface at the communication speed of 12Mbps being in line with ( For each chip) well-designed programming algorithm and USB high-speed communications. It may be one of the fastest integrated development programmers, the speed has been met the needs of small-quantity efficient production.

Image result for Minipro TL866CS


Unique ultra-low power consumption

The whole programmer is equipped with the ultra-low power chips and it is furnished with electricity via USB Interface. It is the first comprehensive programmer to program all the chips without an external power supply. Their own power consumption is less than 20mA (it is 7mA when the programmer is not programming, LED power indicator use largest electricity, 5mA each one) and Programming power loss rate is less than 20% so that the programmer can supply the high VCC VPP programming electric current. Programmable chip can be provided with enough programming power (the largest programming power output is 2 watts that is impossible for a chip to use 2 watts of programming power). And you hardly feel the heat of the programmer after such long continuous work.


easily portable performance

This is one of the smallest products in the world and the dimensions are 10CM*6CM*2.5CM (it is as small as a driving license). In addition, you don’t need to carry with an external power supply because of its ultra-low power that makes it more portable.


Programmable programming power supply

VPP and VCC programming voltages are independently program-controlled: programmable VCC is from 3.3V to 6.5V; VPP is from 3.3V to 21V. The fluctuation of power supply is minor because of the multi-stage LC filter.


Best overvoltage, overcurrent protection

VCC, VPP power supply of the Programmer is furnished with the independent Grade 3 overcurrent protection and the protection of automatically cutting off power supply. Each pin of 40-pin programming socket has VPP overvoltage protection. It can effectively prevent from putting a chip in the wrong place or short circuit due to other reason. In this programming case, it can also stop VPP high voltage from coming back to the internal of the programmer and damaging the device. Really make sure that the programmer will not be damaged when there is any worst-case short circuit. At the same time, the programmed chip can be efficiently protected.
This programmer will cut off the programming power supply VPP and VCC within 100us and send the message to the application program when there is short circuit. The programmer and PC won’t be reset when there is short circuit because of the multilevel overcurrent protection.


40PIN universal pin

It is the most versatile pin among 40PIN quasi-universal pins. You don’t need to move or turn around the chip when programming, just congruously put the chip forward and the handle direction of the programmer is the PIN1 place. Its design accords with the common operating habit of user.


upgrading Function

This programmer is equipped with upgrading Function of the built-in hardware firmware program that can make sure your programmer’s firmware flash and application software can be timely updated. You can complete the upgrade by downloading the upgrading program through the manufacturer’s website.


Second development function of chip serial number

This programmer has a variety of automatic numbering functions that are used commonly. You can get any serial number through DLL Dynamic Link Libraries by using the custom algorithm. In mass production, the function enables each chip to produce only one identifying information that can be encrypted by the custom algorithm. So you can effectively protect your rights as a customer.


Unique universal serial programming interface ICSP

(Only TL866A can support, TL866CS cannot use this function)
This TL866A programmer can program through the 40-PIN universal socket and is provided with an ICSP serial programming port. For some in-circuit serial programmable chips, you can program MCU by choosing ICSP port. You can get the clear instruction diagram in the programming software for the ICSP port wiring method. That is to say, you can directly program and update the chip soldered on the board.
Note: Now ICSP can in-circuit serial program ATMEL89S51, ATMEL89S52, AT45DBxxx, a whole series of AVR ATMEGAxxx, MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx, as well as a full serial of SYNCMOS SM59Dxx SM59Rxx. The variety of microcontroller that can be supported in-circuit programming will be continually increased in the future. Six ICSP wires of this programmer, except a ground wire, other wires led full functional I2C, SPI and UART serial main wire, be suitable for all kinds of serial communication. In addition, each wire can supply VCC, VPP or GND with high current.


54/74F/LS/HC CMOS4000 series IC functional tests

This is the first development programmer to test the common logic integrated circuit and this test can be located the errors of logic gate circuit, as well as test any possible input combinations of integrated circuit.


Programmer self-testing function

This programmer can test itself on each pin of VPP, VCC, GND and I/O information, at the same time it can run an inside short-circuit test on VPP, VCC current.


AVR microcontroller one-to-one soft encryption

AVR microcontroller has an RC Calibration (calibrate bytes). Only one of dozens of chips may have the same bytes value and it cannot be modified. Microcontroller software can read this value and determine whether the code is used by other chips. Through custom encryption algorithm, it can stop those who decrypt chips with ulterior motives from directly using. The encryption algorithm is so complex that it is not easy to decrypt. But, about “encryption”, there is a problem for developers – each chip is different – it is impossible to manually calculate one by one and respectively compile source code if the algorithm is complex. This programmer can automatically read into RC bytes before programming. The developer can get the bytes value of the chip in the DLL dynamic function and then automatically calculate the encrypted data according to the request and put it in the memory, efficiently completing mass production. (A detailed encrypted instance of the ATMEGA8 in the installation package is available for reference)


Unified and convenient user interface

The user interface is well-designed and is in complete accord with the operating habit of the Windows series of software. Built-in binary editer is comparable to pure professional editing software. You can directly read, write and modify the files such as BIN format, HEX format, JED format and so on. In addition, it has the complete and practical project mode that makes the mass production more convenient and safer.

Library List Is Here.

TL866A TL866CS  USB高性能多功能迷你编程器支持芯片列表:
 TL866A/CS High-Performance Universal USB Programmer Device Support List:

应用软件版本号            Software Version:   V6.50
      支持总数           Supported Devices:   14037 pcs 
  操作系统支持 Supported Operating Systems:   Windows 2000,XP,2003,2008,Vista & Win7(32/64) WIN8 WIN10

    按CTRL+F可查找相关型号  Press Ctrl+F to search support list

    TL866CS 与 TL866A编程器的芯片支持区别  Features: TL866CS VS. TL866A

    1. ICSP interface  (6-pin interface of the programmer right side) is limited to the TL866A model.

       编程器右侧 6针的ICSP接口只能在TL866A上使用,TL866CS无此功能.

    2. Partly  Microchip's MCU with More than 40pins require the use of the TL866A for ICSP interface programming .
       Most of  Microchip's PICs MCU  support   programming on ICSP and  40PIN seat.

       部分MICROCHIP 的引脚较多PIC芯片,只能使用TL866A的ICSP口编程.

    3. About ATMEGAxxxx and SYNCMOS’s MCU SM89xxx SM59xxx  
       TL866A support serial  programming on ICSP and parallel programming on seat.
       TL886CS only  support  parallel programming on seat.

       对于ATMEL ATEMGAxxx系列芯片及台湾新茂的SM59/89xxx系列芯片

    4. AT45DBxxxx can only be programmed using the ICSP interface (TL866A only).


    5. To all other chips.  TL866A and TL866CS no diffrent.
       Both programmers work with genuine TL866 Adapters for devices up to 48 pins.


   Device Support List:

 [ ACE ]     71 PCS

      ACE24C02A                   ACE24C02A @SOIC8            ACE24C02A @TSSOP8           ACE24C02B                   
      ACE24C02B @SOIC8            ACE24C02B @TSSOP8           ACE24C04A                   ACE24C04A @SOIC8            
      ACE24C04A @TSSOP8           ACE24C04B                   ACE24C04B @SOIC8            ACE24C04B @TSSOP8           
      ACE24C08A                   ACE24C08A @SOIC8            ACE24C08A @TSSOP8           ACE24C08B                   
      ACE24C08B @SOIC8            ACE24C08B @TSSOP8           ACE24C16A                   ACE24C16A @SOIC8            
      ACE24C16A @TSSOP8           ACE24C16B                   ACE24C16B @SOIC8            ACE24C16B @TSSOP8           
      ACE24C32                    ACE24C32 @SOIC8             ACE24C32 @TSSOP8            ACE24C64                    
      ACE24C64 @SOIC8             ACE24C64 @TSSOP8            ACE24C128                   ACE24C128 @SOIC8            
      ACE24C128 @TSSOP8           ACE24C256                   ACE24C256 @SOIC8            ACE24C256 @TSSOP8           
      ACE24C512                   ACE24C512 @SOIC8            ACE24C512 @TSSOP8           ACE24C1024                  
      ACE24C1024 @SOIC8           ACE24LC02                   ACE24LC02 @SOIC8            ACE24LC02 @TSSOP8           
      ACE24LC04                   ACE24LC04 @SOIC8            ACE24LC04 @TSSOP8           ACE24LC08                   
      ACE24LC08 @SOIC8            ACE24LC08 @TSSOP8           ACE24LC16                   ACE24LC16 @SOIC8            
      ACE24LC16 @TSSOP8           ACE93C46(x8)                ACE93C46(x8) @SOIC8         ACE93C46(x8) @TSSOP8        
      ACE93C46(x16)               ACE93C46(x16) @SOIC8        ACE93C46(x16) @TSSOP8       ACE93C56(x8)                
      ACE93C56(x8) @SOIC8         ACE93C56(x8) @TSSOP8        ACE93C56(x16)               ACE93C56(x16) @SOIC8        
      ACE93C56(x16) @TSSOP8       ACE93C66(x8)                ACE93C66(x8) @SOIC8         ACE93C66(x8) @TSSOP8        
      ACE93C66(x16)               ACE93C66(x16) @SOIC8        ACE93C66(x16) @TSSOP8       

 [ ACT ]     16 PCS

      93LC46(x8)                  93LC46(x8) @SOIC8           93LC46(x16)                 93LC46(x16) @SOIC8          
      93LC56(x8)                  93LC56(x8) @SOIC8           93LC56(x16)                 93LC56(x16) @SOIC8          
      93LC66(x8)                  93LC66(x8) @SOIC8           93LC66(x16)                 93LC66(x16) @SOIC8          
      93LC86(x8)                  93LC86(x8) @SOIC8           93LC86(x16)                 93LC86(x16) @SOIC8          

 [ ACTRANS ]     9 PCS

      AC39LV010  @PLCC32          AC39LV010  @TSOP32          AC39LV020  @PLCC32          AC39LV020  @TSOP32          
      AC39LV040  @PLCC32          AC39LV040  @TSOP32          AC39LV080  @TSOP40          AC39LV512  @PLCC32          
      AC39LV512  @TSOP32          


      AF24BC01                    AF24BC01 @SOIC8             AF24BC01 @TSOP8             AF24BC02                    
      AF24BC02 @SOIC8             AF24BC02 @TSOP8             AF24BC04                    AF24BC04 @SOIC8             
      AF24BC04 @TSOP8             AF24BC08                    AF24BC08 @SOIC8             AF24BC08 @TSOP8             
      AF24BC16                    AF24BC16 @SOIC8             AF24BC16 @TSOP8             AF24C32                     
      AF24C32 @SOIC8              AF24C32 @TSOP8              AF24C64                     AF24C64 @SOIC8              
      AF24C64 @TSOP8              AF24C128                    AF24C128 @SOIC8             AF24C128 @TSOP8             
      AF24C256                    AF24C256 @SOIC8             AF24C256 @TSOP8             AF93C46(x8)                 
      AF93C46(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C46(x8) @TSSOP8         AF93C46(x16)                AF93C46(x16) @SOIC8         
      AF93C46(x16) @TSSOP8        AF93C56(x8)                 AF93C56(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C56(x8) @TSSOP8         
      AF93C56(x16)                AF93C56(x16) @SOIC8         AF93C56(x16) @TSSOP8        AF93C66(x8)                 
      AF93C66(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C66(x8) @TSSOP8         AF93C66(x16)                AF93C66(x16) @SOIC8         
      AF93C66(x16) @TSSOP8        AF93C86(x8)                 AF93C86(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C86(x8) @TSSOP8         
      AF93C86(x16)                AF93C86(x16) @SOIC8         AF93C86(x16) @TSSOP8        

 [ AiT Semi ]     12 PCS

      A24C02                      A24C02 @SOIC8               A24C02 @TSOP8               A24C04                      
      A24C04 @SOIC8               A24C04 @TSOP8               A24C08                      A24C08 @SOIC8               
      A24C08 @TSOP8               A24C16                      A24C16 @SOIC8               A24C16 @TSOP8               

 [ ALI(Acer) ]     2 PCS

      M8720                       M8720 @PLCC32               

 [ ALLIANCE ]     20 PCS

      AS29F002T                   AS29F002T @PLCC32           AS29F002T @TSOP32           AS29F002B                   
      AS29F002B @PLCC32           AS29F002B @TSOP32           AS29LV160T @TSOP48          AS29LV160B @TSOP48          
      AS29F200B @TSOP48           AS29F200B @PSOP44           AS29F200T @TSOP48           AS29F200T @PSOP44           
      AS29LV400B @TSOP48          AS29LV400B @PSOP44          AS29LV400T @TSOP48          AS29LV400T @PSOP44          
      AS29LV800B @TSOP48          AS29LV800B @PSOP44          AS29LV800T @TSOP48          AS29LV800T @PSOP44          

 [ AMD ]     249 PCS

      AM2716B    @DIP24           AM2732B    @DIP24           AM2764A    @DIP28           AM2764A    @PLCC32          
      AM27128A   @DIP28           AM27128A   @PLCC32          AM27256    @DIP28           AM27256    @PLCC32          
      AM27512    @DIP28           AM27512    @PLCC32          AM27C64    @DIP28           AM27C64    @PLCC32          
      AM27C010   @DIP32           AM27C010   @PLCC32          AM27C020   @DIP32           AM27C020   @PLCC32          
      AM27C040   @DIP32           AM27C040   @PLCC32          AM27C080   @DIP32           AM27C080   @PLCC32          
      AM27C128   @DIP28           AM27C128   @PLCC32          AM27C256   @DIP28           AM27C256   @PLCC32          
      AM27C512   @DIP28           AM27C512   @PLCC32          AM27C1024  @DIP40           AM27C2048  @DIP40           
      AM27C4096  @DIP40           AM27LV010  @DIP32           AM27LV010  @PLCC32          AM27LV010  @TSOP32          
      AM27LV020  @DIP32           AM27LV020  @PLCC32          AM27LV020  @TSOP32          AM27LV020B @DIP32           
      AM27LV020B @PLCC32          AM27LV020B @TSOP32          AM27LV040  @DIP32           AM27LV040  @PLCC32          
      AM27LV040  @TSOP32          AM27LV080  @DIP32           AM27LV080  @PLCC32          AM27LV080  @TSOP32          
      AM27H010   @DIP32           AM27H010   @PLCC32          AM27H010   @TSOP32          AM27H256   @DIP28           
      AM27H256   @PLCC32          AM27HB010  @DIP32           AM27HB010  @PLCC32          AM27HB010  @TSOP32          
      AM28C16A @DIP24             AM28C16A @PLCC32            AM28C17A @DIP28             AM28C17A @PLCC32            
      AM28C17A @SOIC28            AM28C64A @DIP28             AM28C64A @PLCC32            AM28C64A @SOIC28            
      AM28C64AE @DIP28            AM28C64AE @PLCC32           AM28C64AE @SOIC28           AM28C64B @DIP28             
      AM28C64B @PLCC32            AM28C64B @SOIC28            AM28C64BE @DIP28            AM28C64BE @PLCC32           
      AM28C64BE @SOIC28           AM28F256                    AM28F256 @PLCC32            AM28F256 @TSOP32            
      AM28F512                    AM28F512 @PLCC32            AM28F512 @TSOP32            AM28F010                    
      AM28F010 @PLCC32            AM28F010 @TSOP32            AM28F020                    AM28F020 @PLCC32            
      AM28F020 @TSOP32            AM29BL162CB  @SOP56         AM29BL802CB  @SOP56         AM29DL161DB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL161DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL162DB  @TSOP48        AM29DL162DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL163DB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL163DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL164DB  @TSOP48        AM29DL164DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL322DB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL322DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL322GB  @TSOP48        AM29DL322GT  @TSOP48        AM29DL323DB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL323DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL323GB  @TSOP48        AM29DL323GT  @TSOP48        AM29DL324DB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL324DT  @TSOP48        AM29DL324GB  @TSOP48        AM29DL324GT  @TSOP48        AM29DL400BB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL400BB  @SOP44         AM29DL400BT  @TSOP48        AM29DL400BT  @SOP44         AM29DL800BB  @TSOP48        
      AM29DL800BB  @SOP44         AM29DL800BT  @TSOP48        AM29DL800BT  @SOP44         AM29F002B   @DIP32          
      AM29F002B   @PLCC32         AM29F002B   @TSOP32         AM29F002BB  @DIP32          AM29F002BB  @PLCC32         
      AM29F002BB  @TSOP32         AM29F002BT  @DIP32          AM29F002BT  @PLCC32         AM29F002BT  @TSOP32         
      AM29F002NB  @DIP32          AM29F002NB  @PLCC32         AM29F002NB  @TSOP32         AM29F002NBB @DIP32          
      AM29F002NBB @PLCC32         AM29F002NBB @TSOP32         AM29F002NBT @DIP32          AM29F002NBT @PLCC32         
      AM29F002NBT @TSOP32         AM29F002NT  @DIP32          AM29F002NT  @PLCC32         AM29F002NT  @TSOP32         
      AM29F002T   @DIP32          AM29F002T   @PLCC32         AM29F002T   @TSOP32         AM29F010    @DIP32          
      AM29F010    @PLCC32         AM29F010    @TSOP32         AM29F010B   @DIP32          AM29F010B   @PLCC32         
      AM29F010B   @TSOP32         AM29F016D   @TSOP40         AM29F040    @DIP32          AM29F040    @PLCC32         
      AM29F040    @TSOP32         AM29F040B   @DIP32          AM29F040B   @PLCC32         AM29F040B   @TSOP32         
      AM29F080    @TSOP40         AM29F080B   @TSOP40         AM29F100AB  @TSOP48         AM29F100AB  @SOP44          
      AM29F100AT  @TSOP48         AM29F100AT  @SOP44          AM29F100B   @TSOP48         AM29F100B   @SOP44          
      AM29F100T   @TSOP48         AM29F100T   @SOP44          AM29F160DB  @TSOP48         AM29F160DT  @TSOP48         
      AM29F200AB  @TSOP48         AM29F200AB  @SOP44          AM29F200AT  @TSOP48         AM29F200AT  @SOP44          
      AM29F200BB  @TSOP48         AM29F200BB  @SOP44          AM29F200BT  @TSOP48         AM29F200BT  @SOP44          
      AM29F400AB  @TSOP48         AM29F400AB  @SOP44          AM29F400AT  @TSOP48         AM29F400AT  @SOP44          
      AM29F400BB  @TSOP48         AM29F400BB  @SOP44          AM29F400BT  @TSOP48         AM29F400BT  @SOP44          
      AM29F800AB  @TSOP48         AM29F800AB  @SOP44          AM29F800AT  @TSOP48         AM29F800AT  @SOP44          
      AM29F800B   @TSOP48         AM29F800B   @SOP44          AM29F800BB  @TSOP48         AM29F800BB  @SOP44          
      AM29F800BT  @TSOP48         AM29F800BT  @SOP44          AM29F800T   @TSOP48         AM29F800T   @SOP44          
      AM29LV001B  @PLCC32         AM29LV001B  @TSOP32         AM29LV001BB @PLCC32         AM29LV001BB @TSOP32         
      AM29LV001BT @PLCC32         AM29LV001BT @TSOP32         AM29LV001T  @PLCC32         AM29LV001T  @TSOP32         
      AM29LV002B  @TSOP40         AM29LV002T  @TSOP40         AM29LV004B  @TSOP40         AM29LV004BB @TSOP40         
      AM29LV004BT @TSOP40         AM29LV004T  @TSOP40         AM29LV008B  @TSOP40         AM29LV008BB @TSOP40         
      AM29LV008BT @TSOP40         AM29LV008T  @TSOP40         AM29LV010B  @PLCC32         AM29LV010B  @TSOP32         
      AM29LV017   @TSOP40         AM29LV020B  @PLCC32         AM29LV020B  @TSOP32         AM29LV033C  @TSOP40         
      AM29LV033M  @TSOP40         AM29LV040B  @PLCC32         AM29LV040B  @TSOP32         AM29LV081   @TSOP40         
      AM29LV160BB  @TSOP48        AM29LV160BT  @TSOP48        AM29LV160DB  @TSOP48        AM29LV160DT  @TSOP48        
      AM29LV200B   @TSOP48        AM29LV200B   @SOP44         AM29LV200BB  @TSOP48        AM29LV200BB  @SOP44         
      AM29LV200BT  @TSOP48        AM29LV200BT  @SOP44         AM29LV200T   @SOP44         AM29LV200T   @TSOP48        
      AM29LV320DB  @TSOP48        AM29LV320DT  @TSOP48        AM29LV320MB  @TSOP48        AM29LV320MT  @TSOP48        
      AM29LV400B   @TSOP48        AM29LV400B   @SOP44         AM29LV400BB  @TSOP48        AM29LV400BB  @SOP44         
      AM29LV400BT  @TSOP48        AM29LV400BT  @SOP44         AM29LV400T   @TSOP48        AM29LV400T   @SOP44         
      AM29LV641D   @TSOP48        AM29LV800B   @TSOP48        AM29LV800B   @SOP44         AM29LV800BB  @TSOP48        
      AM29LV800BB  @SOP44         AM29LV800BT  @TSOP48        AM29LV800BT  @SOP44         AM29LV800T   @TSOP48        
      AM29LV800T   @SOP44         

 [ AMIC ]     204 PCS

      A25L05PT @DIP8              A25L05PT @SOP8              A25L05PT @TSOP8             A25L05PU @DIP8              
      A25L05PU @SOP8              A25L05PU @TSOP8             A25L10PT @DIP8              A25L10PT @SOP8              
      A25L10PT @TSOP8             A25L10PU @DIP8              A25L10PU @SOP8              A25L10PU @TSOP8             
      A25L20PT @DIP8              A25L20PT @SOP8              A25L20PT @TSOP8             A25L20PU @DIP8              
      A25L20PU @SOP8              A25L20PU @TSOP8             A25L40PT @DIP8              A25L40PT @SOP8              
      A25L40PT @SOP16             A25L40PU @DIP8              A25L40PU @SOP8              A25L40PU @SOP16             
      A25L80PT @DIP8              A25L80PT @SOP8              A25L80PT @SOP16             A25L80PU @DIP8              
      A25L80PU @SOP8              A25L80PU @SOP16             A25L16PT @DIP8              A25L16PT @SOP8              
      A25L16PT @SOP16             A25L16PU @DIP8              A25L16PU @SOP8              A25L16PU @SOP16             
      A25L512  @DIP8              A25L512  @SOP8              A25L512  @TSOP8             A25L010  @DIP8              
      A25L010  @SOP8              A25L010  @TSOP8             A25L020  @DIP8              A25L020  @SOP8              
      A25L020  @TSOP8             A25L040  @DIP8              A25L040  @SOP8              A25L040  @TSOP8             
      A25L080  @DIP8              A25L080  @SOP8              A25L080  @TSOP8             A25L016  @DIP8              
      A25L016  @SOP8              A25L016  @SOP16             A25L032  @DIP8              A25L032  @SOP8              
      A25L032  @SOP16             A25LQ16   @DIP8             A25LQ16   @SOP8             A25LQ16   @SOP16            
      A25LQ32A  @DIP8             A25LQ32A  @SOP8             A25LQ32A  @SOP16            A27020    @DIP32            
      A27020    @TSOP32           A27020L   @PLCC32           A276308   @DIP28            A276308   @SOP28            
      A276308L  @PLCC32           A276308A  @DIP28            A276308A  @SOP28            A276308AL @PLCC32           
      A278308   @DIP28            A278308L  @PLCC32           A278308A  @DIP28            A278308AL @PLCC32           
      A29001T                     A29001T  @PLCC32            A29001T  @TSOP32            A29001U                     
      A29001U  @PLCC32            A29001U  @TSOP32            A290011T                    A290011T @PLCC32            
      A290011T @TSOP32            A290011U                    A290011U @PLCC32            A290011U @TSOP32            
      A29002T                     A29002T  @PLCC32            A29002T  @TSOP32            A29002U                     
      A29002U  @PLCC32            A29002U  @TSOP32            A290021T                    A290021T @PLCC32            
      A290021T @TSOP32            A290021U                    A290021U @PLCC32            A290021U @TSOP32            
      A29512                      A29512   @PLCC32            A29512   @TSOP32            A29512A                     
      A29512A  @PLCC32            A29512A  @TSOP32            A29010                      A29010   @PLCC32            
      A29010   @TSOP32            A29040                      A29040   @PLCC32            A29040   @TSOP32            
      A29040A                     A29040A  @PLCC32            A29040A  @TSOP32            A29040B                     
      A29040B  @PLCC32            A29040B  @TSOP32            A29400TV   @TSOP48          A29400TM   @SOP44           
      A29400UV   @TSOP48          A29400UM   @SOP44           A29800TV   @TSOP48          A29800TM   @SOP44           
      A29800UV   @TSOP48          A29800UM   @SOP44           A29801TV   @TSOP48          A29801TM   @SOP44           
      A29801UV   @TSOP48          A29801UM   @SOP44           A29DL162TV  @TSOP48         A29DL162UV  @TSOP48         
      A29DL163TV  @TSOP48         A29DL163UV  @TSOP48         A29DL164TV  @TSOP48         A29DL164UV  @TSOP48         
      A29DL322TV  @TSOP48         A29DL322UV  @TSOP48         A29DL323TV  @TSOP48         A29DL323UV  @TSOP48         
      A29DL324TV  @TSOP48         A29DL324UV  @TSOP48         A29L040    @DIP32           A29L040    @PLCC32          
      A29L040    @TSOP32          A29L040A   @DIP32           A29L040A   @PLCC32          A29L040A   @TSOP32          
      A29L004ATL @PLCC32          A29L004ATV @TSOP32          A29L004ATW @TSOP40          A29L004ATX @TSOP32          
      A29L004ATY @TSOP32          A29L004AUL @PLCC32          A29L004AUV @TSOP32          A29L004AUW @TSOP40          
      A29L004AUX @TSOP32          A29L004AUY @TSOP32          A29L004TL  @PLCC32          A29L004TV  @TSOP32          
      A29L004TW  @TSOP40          A29L004TX  @TSOP32          A29L004UL  @PLCC32          A29L004UV  @TSOP32          
      A29L004UW  @TSOP40          A29L004UX  @TSOP32          A29L008TV  @TSOP40          A29L008UV  @TSOP40          
      A29L008ATV @TSOP40          A29L008AUV @TSOP40          A29L400TV   @TSOP48         A29L400TM   @SOP44          
      A29L400UV   @TSOP48         A29L400UM   @SOP44          A29L400ATV  @TSOP48         A29L400ATM  @SOP44          
      A29L400AUM  @SOP44          A29L400AUV  @TSOP48         A29L800TV   @TSOP48         A29L800TM   @SOP44          
      A29L800UV   @TSOP48         A29L800UM   @SOP44          A29L800ATV  @TSOP48         A29L800ATM  @SOP44          
      A29L800AUV  @TSOP48         A29L800AUM  @SOP44          A29L160TV   @TSOP48         A29L160UV   @TSOP48         
      A29L160ATV  @TSOP48         A29L160AUV  @TSOP48         A29L320TV   @TSOP48         A29L320UV   @TSOP48         
      A29L320ATV  @TSOP48         A29L320AUV  @TSOP48         A29L640TV   @TSOP48         A29L640UV   @TSOP48         
      A49LF004TL  @PLCC32         A49LF004TX  @TSOP32         A49LF040TL  @PLCC32         A49LF040TX  @TSOP32         
      A49LF040ATL @PLCC32         A49LF040ATX @TSOP32         A49FL004TL  @PLCC32         A49FL004TX  @TSOP32         

 [ ANACHIP ]     60 PCS

      27CX010   @DIP32            27CX010   @PLCC32           27CX256   @DIP28            27CX256   @PLCC32           
      93C46                       93C46  @SOIC8               93C46A                      93C46A @SOIC8               
      93C56A                      93C56A @SOIC8               93C66A                      93C66A @SOIC8               
      93CX46                      93CX46 @SOIC8               93CX56                      93CX56 @SOIC8               
      93CX66                      93CX66 @SOIC8               AM24LC02                    AM24LC02 @SOIC8             
      AM24LC02 @TSSOP8            AM24LC04                    AM24LC04 @SOIC8             AM24LC04 @TSSOP8            
      AM24LC08                    AM24LC08 @SOIC8             AM24LC08 @TSSOP8            AM24LC16                    
      AM24LC16 @SOIC8             AM24LC16 @TSSOP8            AM24LC21                    AM24LC21 @SOIC8             
      AM24LC21 @TSSOP8            AM24LC21B                   AM24LC21B @SOIC8            AM24LC21B @TSSOP8           
      AM93LC46(x8)                AM93LC46(x8) @SOIC8         AM93LC46(x8) @TSOP8         AM93LC46(x16)               
      AM93LC46(x16) @SOIC8        AM93LC46(x16) @TSOP8        AM93LC56(x8)                AM93LC56(x8) @SOIC8         
      AM93LC56(x8) @TSOP8         AM93LC56(x16)               AM93LC56(x16) @SOIC8        AM93LC56(x16) @TSOP8        
      AM93LC66(x8)                AM93LC66(x8) @SOIC8         AM93LC66(x8) @TSOP8         AM93LC66(x16)               
      AM93LC66(x16) @SOIC8        AM93LC66(x16) @TSOP8        AM93LC86(x8)                AM93LC86(x8) @SOIC8         
      AM93LC86(x8) @TSOP8         AM93LC86(x16)               AM93LC86(x16) @SOIC8        AM93LC86(x16) @TSOP8        

 [ APLUS FLASH ]     105 PCS

      AF24BC01                    AF24BC01 @SOIC8             AF24BC01 @TSSOP8            AF24BC02                    
      AF24BC02 @SOIC8             AF24BC02 @TSSOP8            AF24BC04                    AF24BC04 @SOIC8             
      AF24BC04 @TSSOP8            AF24BC08                    AF24BC08 @SOIC8             AF24BC08 @TSSOP8            
      AF24BC16                    AF24BC16 @SOIC8             AF24BC16 @TSSOP8            AF24BC32                    
      AF24BC32 @SOIC8             AF24BC32 @TSSOP8            AF24BC64                    AF24BC64 @SOIC8             
      AF24BC64 @TSSOP8            AF24BC128                   AF24BC128 @SOIC8            AF24BC128 @TSSOP8           
      AF24BC256                   AF24BC256 @SOIC8            AF24BC256 @TSSOP8           AF24C32                     
      AF24C32 @SOIC8              AF24C32 @TSSOP8             AF24C64                     AF24C64 @SOIC8              
      AF24C64 @TSSOP8             AF24C128                    AF24C128 @SOIC8             AF24C128 @TSSOP8            
      AF24C256                    AF24C256 @SOIC8             AF24C256 @TSSOP8            AF25BC08                    
      AF25BC08 @SOIC8             AF25BC08 @TSSOP8            AF25BC16                    AF25BC16 @SOIC8             
      AF25BC16 @TSSOP8            AF25BC32                    AF25BC32 @SOIC8             AF25BC32 @TSSOP8            
      AF25BC64                    AF25BC64 @SOIC8             AF25BC64 @TSSOP8            AF25BC128                   
      AF25BC128 @SOIC8            AF25BC128 @TSSOP8           AF25BC256                   AF25BC256 @SOIC8            
      AF25BC256 @TSSOP8           AF93BC46(x8)                AF93BC46(x8) @SOIC8         AF93BC46(x8) @TSOP8         
      AF93BC46(x16)               AF93BC46(x16) @SOIC8        AF93BC46(x16) @TSOP8        AF93BC56(x8)                
      AF93BC56(x8) @SOIC8         AF93BC56(x8) @TSOP8         AF93BC56(x16)               AF93BC56(x16) @SOIC8        
      AF93BC56(x16) @TSOP8        AF93BC66(x8)                AF93BC66(x8) @SOIC8         AF93BC66(x8) @TSOP8         
      AF93BC66(x16)               AF93BC66(x16) @SOIC8        AF93BC66(x16) @TSOP8        AF93BC86(x8)                
      AF93BC86(x8) @SOIC8         AF93BC86(x8) @TSOP8         AF93BC86(x16)               AF93BC86(x16) @SOIC8        
      AF93BC86(x16) @TSOP8        AF93C46(x8)                 AF93C46(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C46(x8) @TSOP8          
      AF93C46(x16)                AF93C46(x16) @SOIC8         AF93C46(x16) @TSOP8         AF93C56(x8)                 
      AF93C56(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C56(x8) @TSOP8          AF93C56(x16)                AF93C56(x16) @SOIC8         
      AF93C56(x16) @TSOP8         AF93C66(x8)                 AF93C66(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C66(x8) @TSOP8          
      AF93C66(x16)                AF93C66(x16) @SOIC8         AF93C66(x16) @TSOP8         AF93C86(x8)                 
      AF93C86(x8) @SOIC8          AF93C86(x8) @TSOP8          AF93C86(x16)                AF93C86(x16) @SOIC8         
      AF93C86(x16) @TSOP8         

 [ ARTSCHIP ]     42 PCS

      24AA02                      24AA02 @SOIC8               24AA02 @TSSOP8              24LC01A                     
      24LC01A @SOIC8              24LC01A @TSSOP8             24LC01B                     24LC01B @SOIC8              
      24LC01B @TSSOP8             24LC02A                     24LC02A @SOIC8              24LC02A @TSSOP8             
      24LC02B                     24LC02B @SOIC8              24LC02B @TSSOP8             24LC04A                     
      24LC04A @SOIC8              24LC04A @TSSOP8             24LC04B                     24LC04B @SOIC8              
      24LC04B @TSSOP8             24LC08A                     24LC08A @SOIC8              24LC08A @TSSOP8             
      24LC08B                     24LC08B @SOIC8              24LC08B @TSSOP8             24LC16A                     
      24LC16A @SOIC8              24LC16A @TSSOP8             24LC32                      24LC32 @SOIC8               
      24LC32 @TSSOP8              24LC64                      24LC64 @SOIC8               24LC64 @TSSOP8              
      24LC128                     24LC128 @SOIC8              24LC128 @TSSOP8             24LC256                     
      24LC256 @SOIC8              24LC256 @TSSOP8             

 [ ASAHI KASEI(AKM) ]     44 PCS

      AK93C45                     AK93C45F  @SOP8             AK93C45AV @TSSOP8           AK93C45AF @SOP8             
      AK93C45BH @MSOP8            AK93C45BL @SON8             AK93C45CT @TMSOP8           AK93C45CL @SON8             
      AK93C45CU @USON8            AK93C46                     AK93C46F  @SOP8             AK93C46M                    
      AK93C46MF @SOP8             AK93C55                     AK93C55F  @SOP8             AK93C55AV @TSSOP8           
      AK93C55AF @SOP8             AK93C55BH @MSOP8            AK93C55BL @SON8             AK93C55CT @TMSOP8           
      AK93C55CL @SON8             AK93C55CU @USON8            AK93C56                     AK93C56F  @SOP8             
      AK93C65                     AK93C65F  @SOP8             AK93C65AV @TSSOP8           AK93C65AF @SOP8             
      AK93C65BH @MSOP8            AK93C65BL @SON8             AK93C65CT @TMSOP8           AK93C65CL @SON8             
      AK93C65CU @USON8            AK93C66                     AK93C66F  @SOP8             AK93C75                     
      AK93C75F  @SOP8             AK93C75AV @TSSOP8           AK93C75AF @SOP8             AK93C75BH @MSOP8            
      AK93C85AM @SSOP8            AK93C85AF @SOP8             AK93C95AF @SOP8             AK93C10AF @SOP8             

 [ ASD ]     12 PCS

      AE29F1008 @DIP32            AE29F1008 @PLCC32           AE29F1008 @TSOP32           AE29F2008 @DIP32            
      AE29F2008 @PLCC32           AE29F2008 @TSOP32           AE29F4008 @DIP32            AE29F4008 @PLCC32           
      AE29F4008 @TSOP32           AE49F2008 @DIP32            AE49F2008 @PLCC32           AE49F2008 @TSOP32           

 [ ASI ]     20 PCS

      AX24C02                     AX24C02 @SOIC8              AX24C04                     AX24C04 @SOIC8              
      AX24C08                     AX24C08 @SOIC8              AX24C16                     AX24C16 @SOIC8              
      SMJ27C010A @DIP32           SMJ27C010A @PLCC32          SMJ27C010A @TSOP32          SMJ27C040 @DIP32            
      SMJ27C040 @PLCC32           SMJ27C040 @TSOP32           SMJ27C128 @DIP28            SMJ27C128 @PLCC32           
      SMJ27C256 @DIP28            SMJ27C256 @PLCC32           SMJ27C512 @DIP28            SMJ27C512 @PLCC32           

 [ ATC ]     60 PCS

      ATC24C02                    ATC24C02 @SOIC8             ATC24C02 @TSSOP8            ATC24C04                    
      ATC24C04 @SOIC8             ATC24C04 @TSSOP8            ATC24C08                    ATC24C08 @SOIC8             
      ATC24C08 @TSSOP8            ATC24C16                    ATC24C16 @SOIC8             ATC24C16 @TSSOP8            
      ATC24LC02                   ATC24LC02 @SOIC8            ATC24LC02 @TSSOP8           ATC24LC04                   
      ATC24LC04 @SOIC8            ATC24LC04 @TSSOP8           ATC24LC08                   ATC24LC08 @SOIC8            
      ATC24LC08 @TSSOP8           ATC24LC16                   ATC24LC16 @SOIC8            ATC24LC16 @TSSOP8           
      ATC93C46(x8)                ATC93C46(x8)  @SOIC8        ATC93C46(x16)               ATC93C46(x16)  @SOIC8       
      ATC93C46R(x8) @SOIC8        ATC93C46R(x16) @SOIC8       ATC93C56(x8)                ATC93C56(x8)  @SOIC8        
      ATC93C56(x16)               ATC93C56(x16)  @SOIC8       ATC93C56R(x8) @SOIC8        ATC93C56R(x16) @SOIC8       
      ATC93C66(x8)                ATC93C66(x8)  @SOIC8        ATC93C66(x16)               ATC93C66(x16)  @SOIC8       
      ATC93C66R(x8) @SOIC8        ATC93C66R(x16) @SOIC8       ATC93LC46(x8)               ATC93LC46(x8)  @SOIC8       
      ATC93LC46(x16)              ATC93LC46(x16)  @SOIC8      ATC93LC46R(x8) @SOIC8       ATC93LC46R(x16) @SOIC8      
      ATC93LC56(x8)               ATC93LC56(x8)  @SOIC8       ATC93LC56(x16)              ATC93LC56(x16)  @SOIC8      
      ATC93LC56R(x8) @SOIC8       ATC93LC56R(x16) @SOIC8      ATC93LC66(x8)               ATC93LC66(x8)  @SOIC8       
      ATC93LC66(x16)              ATC93LC66(x16)  @SOIC8      ATC93LC66R(x8) @SOIC8       ATC93LC66R(x16) @SOIC8      

 [ ATMEL ]     1187 PCS

      AT24C01                     AT24C01 @MSOP8              AT24C01 @SOIC8              AT24C01 @TSSOP8             
      AT24C01A                    AT24C01A @MAP8              AT24C01A @SOIC8             AT24C01A @TSSOP8            
      AT24C01B                    AT24C01B @MAP8              AT24C01B @SOIC8             AT24C01B @TSSOP8            
      AT24C02                     AT24C02 @SOIC8              AT24C02 @TSSOP8             AT24C02A                    
      AT24C02A @SOIC8             AT24C02A @TSSOP8            AT24C02B                    AT24C02B @MAP8              
      AT24C02B @SOIC8             AT24C02B @TSSOP8            AT24C02C                    AT24C02C @SOIC8             
      AT24C02C @TSSOP8            AT24C04                     AT24C04 @MAP8               AT24C04 @SOIC8              
      AT24C04 @TSSOP8             AT24C04A                    AT24C04A @MAP8              AT24C04A @SOIC8             
      AT24C04A @TSSOP8            AT24C04B                    AT24C04B @MAP8              AT24C04B @SOIC8             
      AT24C04B @TSSOP8            AT24C08                     AT24C08 @MAP8               AT24C08 @SOIC8              
      AT24C08 @TSSOP8             AT24C08A                    AT24C08A @MAP8              AT24C08A @SOIC8             
      AT24C08A @TSSOP8            AT24C08B                    AT24C08B @MAP8              AT24C08B @SOIC8             
      AT24C08B @TSSOP8            AT24C16                     AT24C16 @SOIC8              AT24C16 @TSSOP8             
      AT24C16A                    AT24C16A @MAP8              AT24C16A @SOIC8             AT24C16A @TSSOP8            
      AT24C16B                    AT24C16B @MAP8              AT24C16B @SOIC8             AT24C16B @TSSOP8            
      AT24C21                     AT24C21 @SOIC8              AT24C32                     AT24C32 @SOIC8              
      AT24C32 @TSSOP8             AT24C32A                    AT24C32A @MAP8              AT24C32A @SOIC8             
      AT24C32A @TSSOP8            AT24C32C                    AT24C32C @MAP8              AT24C32C @SOIC8             
      AT24C32C @TSSOP8            AT24C32D                    AT24C32D @SOIC8             AT24C32D @TSSOP8            
      AT24C64                     AT24C64 @SOIC8              AT24C64 @TSSOP8             AT24C64A                    
      AT24C64A @MAP8              AT24C64A @SOIC8             AT24C64A @TSSOP8            AT24C64B                    
      AT24C64B @SOIC8             AT24C64B @TSSOP8            AT24C64C                    AT24C64C @MAP8              
      AT24C64C @SOIC8             AT24C64C @TSSOP8            AT24C64D                    AT24C64D @SOIC8             
      AT24C64D @TSSOP8            AT24C128                    AT24C128 @MAP8              AT24C128 @SOIC8             
      AT24C128 @TSSOP8            AT24C128 (3.3V)             AT24C128 (3.3V) @MAP8       AT24C128 (3.3V) @SOIC8      
      AT24C128 (3.3V) @TSSOP8     AT24C128B                   AT24C128B @MAP8             AT24C128B @SOIC8            
      AT24C128B @TSSOP8           AT24C256                    AT24C256 @MAP8              AT24C256 @SOIC8             
      AT24C256 @TSSOP8            AT24C256 (3.3V)             AT24C256 (3.3V) @MAP8       AT24C256 (3.3V) @SOIC8      
      AT24C256 (3.3V) @TSSOP8     AT24C256B                   AT24C256B @MAP8             AT24C256B @SOIC8            
      AT24C256B @TSSOP8           AT24C512                    AT24C512 @MAP8              AT24C512 @SOIC8             
      AT24C512 @TSSOP8            AT24C512 (3.3V)             AT24C512 (3.3V) @MAP8       AT24C512 (3.3V) @SOIC8      
      AT24C512 (3.3V) @TSSOP8     AT24C512B                   AT24C512B @MAP8             AT24C512B @SOIC8            
      AT24C512B @TSSOP8           AT24C512C                   AT24C512C @TSSOP8           AT24C512C @SOIC8            
      AT24C1024                   AT24C1024 @SOIC8            AT24C1024B                  AT24C1024B @SOIC8           
      AT24HC02B                   AT24HC02B @SOIC8            AT24HC02B @TSSOP8           AT24RF08A @SOIC8            
      AT24RF08B @SOIC8            AT24RF08C @SOIC8            AT25010                     AT25010 @SOIC8              
      AT25010-1.8                 AT25010-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25010A                    AT25010A @SOIC8             
      AT25010A @TSSOP8            AT25020                     AT25020  @SOIC8             AT25020-1.8                 
      AT25020-1.8  @SOIC8         AT25020A                    AT25020A @SOIC8             AT25020A @TSSOP8            
      AT25040                     AT25040 @SOIC8              AT25040-1.8                 AT25040-1.8 @SOIC8          
      AT25040A                    AT25040A @SOIC8             AT25040A @TSSOP8            AT25080                     
      AT25080 @SOIC8              AT25080-1.8                 AT25080-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25080A                    
      AT25080A @SOIC8             AT25080A @TSSOP8            AT25080B                    AT25080B @SOIC8             
      AT25080B @TSSOP8            AT25160                     AT25160 @SOIC8              AT25160-1.8                 
      AT25160-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25160A                    AT25160A @SOIC8             AT25160B                    
      AT25160B @MAP8              AT25160B @SOIC8             AT25160B @TSSOP8            AT25320                     
      AT25320 @SOIC8              AT25320-1.8                 AT25320-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25320A                    
      AT25320A @SOIC8             AT25320B                    AT25320B @MAP8              AT25320B @SOIC8             
      AT25320B @TSSOP8            AT25640                     AT25640 @SOIC8              AT25640-1.8                 
      AT25640-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25640A                    AT25640A @SOIC8             AT25640B                    
      AT25640B @SOIC8             AT25640B @TSSOP8            AT25128                     AT25128 @SOIC8              
      AT25128-1.8                 AT25128-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25128A                    AT25128A @SOIC8             
      AT25128B                    AT25128B @SOIC8             AT25128B @TSSOP8            AT25256                     
      AT25256 @SOIC8              AT25256-1.8                 AT25256-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25256A                    
      AT25256A @SOIC8             AT25256B                    AT25256B @SOIC8             AT25256B @TSSOP8            
      AT25512                     AT25512 @SOIC8              AT25512 @TSSOP8             AT25512-1.8                 
      AT25512-1.8 @SOIC8          AT25512-1.8 @TSSOP8         AT25DF021                   AT25DF021 @SOIC8            
      AT25DF021 @UDFN8            AT25DF041                   AT25DF041  @SOIC8           AT25DF041  @UDFN8           
      AT25DF041A                  AT25DF041A @SOIC8           AT25DF041A @UDFN8           AT25DF081                   
      AT25DF081  @SOIC8           AT25DF081  @UDFN8           AT25DF081A                  AT25DF081A @SOIC8           
      AT25DF081A @UDFN8           AT25DF161                   AT25DF161  @SOIC8           AT25DF161  @UDFN8           
      AT25DF321                   AT25DF321   @SOIC8          AT25DF321  @SOIC16          AT25DF321A                  
      AT25DF321A  @SOIC8          AT25DF321A  @UDFN8          AT25DF321A  @SOIC16         AT25DF641   @SOIC8          
      AT25DF641  @SOIC16          AT25F512                    AT25F512  @SOIC8            AT25F512  @VQFPN8           
      AT25F512A                   AT25F512A @SOIC8            AT25F512A @VQFPN8           AT25F1024                   
      AT25F1024  @SOIC8           AT25F1024  @VQFPN8          AT25F1024A                  AT25F1024A @SOIC8           
      AT25F1024A @VQFPN8          AT25F2048                   AT25F2048  @SOIC8           AT25F2048  @VQFPN8          
      AT25F2048A                  AT25F2048A @SOIC8           AT25F2048A @VQFPN8          AT25F4096                   
      AT25F4096  @SOIC8           AT25F4096  @VQFPN8          AT25F4096A                  AT25F4096A @SOIC8           
      AT25F4096A @VQFPN8          AT25HP256                   AT25HP256  @SOIC8           AT25HP256-1.8               
      AT25HP256-1.8  @SOIC8       AT25HP512                   AT25HP512  @SOIC8           AT25HP512-1.8               
      AT25HP512-1.8  @SOIC8       AT26DF081   @SOIC8          AT26DF081   @UDFN8          AT26DF081A  @SOIC8          
      AT26DF081A  @UDFN8          AT26DF161   @SOIC8          AT26DF161   @UDFN8          AT26DF161A  @SOIC8          
      AT26DF161A  @UDFN8          AT26DF321                   AT26DF321   @SOIC8          AT26DF321   @SOIC16         
      AT26DF321A                  AT26DF321A  @SOIC8          AT26DF321A  @SOIC16         AT26F004                    
      AT26F004 @MLF8              AT26F004 @SOIC8             AT2732A @DIP24              AT27256 @DIP28              
      AT27256 @PLCC32             AT27C010 @DIP32             AT27C010 @PLCC32            AT27C010 @TSOP32            
      AT27C010L @DIP32            AT27C010L @PLCC32           AT27C010L @TSOP32           AT27C020 @DIP32             
      AT27C020 @PLCC32            AT27C020 @TSOP32            AT27C040 @DIP32             AT27C040 @PLCC32            
      AT27C040 @TSOP32            AT27C080 @DIP32             AT27C080 @PLCC32            AT27C080 @TSOP32            
      AT27C128  @DIP28            AT27C128  @PLCC32           AT27C256  @DIP28            AT27C256  @PLCC32           
      AT27C256R @DIP28            AT27C256R @PLCC32           AT27C256R @SOIC28           AT27C512  @DIP28            
      AT27C512  @PLCC32           AT27C512R @DIP28            AT27C512R @PLCC32           AT27C512R @SOIC28           
      AT27C1024  @DIP40           AT27C1024L @DIP40           AT27C2048  @DIP40           AT27C4096  @DIP40           
      AT27HC256                   AT27HC256   @PLCC32         AT27HC256L                  AT27HC256L  @PLCC32         
      AT27HC256R                  AT27HC256R  @PLCC32         AT27HC256RL                 AT27HC256RL @PLCC32         
      AT27HC1024  @DIP40          AT27BV010                   AT27BV010 @PLCC32           AT27BV010 @TSOP32           
      AT27BV010 @VSOP32           AT27BV020                   AT27BV020 @PLCC32           AT27BV020 @TSOP32           
      AT27BV020 @VSOP32           AT27BV040                   AT27BV040 @PLCC32           AT27BV040 @TSOP32           
      AT27BV040 @VSOP32           AT27BV256                   AT27BV256 @PLCC32           AT27BV256 @SOIC28           
      AT27BV512                   AT27BV512 @PLCC32           AT27BV512 @SOIC28           AT27BV1024 @DIP40           
      AT27BV2048 @DIP40           AT27BV4096 @DIP40           AT27LV010                   AT27LV010 @PLCC32           
      AT27LV010 @TSOP32           AT27LV010 @VSOP32           AT27LV010A                  AT27LV010A @PLCC32          
      AT27LV010A @TSOP32          AT27LV010A @VSOP32          AT27LV020                   AT27LV020 @PLCC32           
      AT27LV020 @TSOP32           AT27LV020 @VSOP32           AT27LV020A                  AT27LV020A @PLCC32          
      AT27LV020A @TSOP32          AT27LV020A @VSOP32          AT27LV040                   AT27LV040 @PLCC32           
      AT27LV040 @TSOP32           AT27LV040 @VSOP32           AT27LV040A                  AT27LV040A @PLCC32          
      AT27LV040A @TSOP32          AT27LV040A @VSOP32          AT27LV256A                  AT27LV256A @PLCC32          
      AT27LV256A @SOIC28          AT27LV256R                  AT27LV256R @PLCC32          AT27LV256R @SOIC28          
      AT27LV512A                  AT27LV512A @PLCC32          AT27LV512A @SOIC28          AT27LV512R                  
      AT27LV512R @PLCC32          AT27LV512R @SOIC28          AT27LV1024 @DIP40           AT27LV2048 @DIP40           
      AT27LV4096 @DIP40           AT28BV64                    AT28BV64 @PLCC32            AT28BV64 @SOIC28            
      AT28BV64B                   AT28BV64B @PLCC32           AT28BV64B @SOIC28           AT28BV256                   
      AT28BV256 @PLCC32           AT28C010                    AT28C010 @PLCC32            AT28C010 @TSOP32            
      AT28C010E                   AT28C010E @PLCC32           AT28C010E @TSOP32           AT28C04 @DIP24              
      AT28C04 @PLCC32             AT28C04 @SOIC24             AT28C04E @DIP24             AT28C04E @PLCC32            
      AT28C04E @SOIC24            AT28C04F @DIP24             AT28C04F @PLCC32            AT28C04F @SOIC24            
      AT28C040                    AT28C040 @PLCC32            AT28C040 @TSOP32            AT28C040E                   
      AT28C040E @PLCC32           AT28C040E @TSOP32           AT28C16 @DIP24              AT28C16 @PLCC32             
      AT28C16 @SOIC24             AT28C16E @DIP24             AT28C16E @PLCC32            AT28C16E @SOIC24            
      AT28C16F @DIP24             AT28C16F @PLCC32            AT28C16F @SOIC24            AT28C17                     
      AT28C17 @PLCC32             AT28C17 @SOIC28             AT28C17E                    AT28C17E @PLCC32            
      AT28C17E @SOIC28            AT28C17F                    AT28C17F @PLCC32            AT28C17F @SOIC28            
      AT28C256                    AT28C256 @PLCC32            AT28C256 @SOIC28            AT28C256E                   
      AT28C256E @PLCC32           AT28C256E @SOIC28           AT28C256F                   AT28C256F @PLCC32           
      AT28C256F @SOIC28           AT28C64                     AT28C64 @PLCC32             AT28C64 @SOIC28             
      AT28C64B                    AT28C64B @PLCC32            AT28C64B @SOIC28            AT28C64E                    
      AT28C64E @PLCC32            AT28C64E @SOIC28            AT28C64F                    AT28C64F @PLCC32            
      AT28C64F @SOIC28            AT28HC04                    AT28HC04 @PLCC32            AT28HC16                    
      AT28HC16L                   AT28HC256                   AT28HC256 @PLCC32           AT28HC256E                  
      AT28HC256E @PLCC32          AT28HC256F                  AT28HC256F @PLCC32          AT28HC256L                  
      AT28HC256L @PLCC32          AT28HC64                    AT28HC64 @PLCC32            AT28HC64 @SOIC28            
      AT28HC64B                   AT28HC64B @PLCC32           AT28HC64B @SOIC28           AT28HC64BF                  
      AT28HC64BF @PLCC32          AT28HC64BF @SOIC28          AT28HC64L                   AT28HC64L @PLCC32           
      AT28HC64L @SOIC28           AT28LV64                    AT28LV64 @PLCC32            AT28LV64 @SOIC28            
      AT28LV64B                   AT28LV64B @PLCC32           AT28LV64B @SOIC28           AT28LV256                   
      AT28LV256 @PLCC32           AT28LV010                   AT28LV010 @PLCC32           AT28LV010 @TSOP32           
      AT28MC010                   AT28MC010 @PLCC32           AT28MC010 @TSOP32           AT28MC020                   
      AT28MC020 @PLCC32           AT28MC020 @TSOP32           AT28MC040                   AT28MC040 @PLCC32           
      AT28MC040 @TSOP32           AT28PC64                    AT28PC64 @PLCC32            AT28PC64  @SOIC28           
      AT28PC64E                   AT28PC64E @PLCC32           AT28PC64E @SOIC28           AT29BV010A                  
      AT29BV010A @PLCC32          AT29BV010A @TSOP32          AT29BV020                   AT29BV020  @PLCC32          
      AT29BV020  @TSOP32          AT29BV040                   AT29BV040  @PLCC32          AT29BV040  @TSOP32          
      AT29BV040A                  AT29BV040A @PLCC32          AT29BV040A @TSOP32          AT29C256 @DIP28             
      AT29C257                    AT29C257  @PLCC32           AT29C512                    AT29C512  @PLCC32           
      AT29C512  @TSOP32           AT29C010A                   AT29C010A @PLCC32           AT29C010A @TSOP32           
      AT29C020                    AT29C020  @PLCC32           AT29C020  @TSOP32           AT29C040                    
      AT29C040  @PLCC32           AT29C040  @TSOP32           AT29C040A                   AT29C040A @PLCC32           
      AT29C040A @TSOP32           AT29LV256 @DIP28            AT29LV512                   AT29LV512  @PLCC32          
      AT29LV512  @TSOP32          AT29LV010A                  AT29LV010A @PLCC32          AT29LV010A @TSOP32          
      AT29LV020                   AT29LV020  @PLCC32          AT29LV020  @TSOP32          AT29LV040                   
      AT29LV040  @PLCC32          AT29LV040  @TSOP32          AT29LV040A                  AT29LV040A @PLCC32          
      AT29LV040A @TSOP32          AT45DB011B @ICSP            AT45DB021B @ICSP            AT45DB041B @ICSP            
      AT45DB081B @ICSP            AT45DB161B @ICSP            AT45DB011D[Page264] @ICSP   AT45DB011D[Page256] @ICSP   
      AT45DB021D[Page264] @ICSP   AT45DB021D[Page256] @ICSP   AT45DB041D[Page264] @ICSP   AT45DB041D[Page256] @ICSP   
      AT45DB081D[Page264] @ICSP   AT45DB081D[Page256] @ICSP   AT45DB161D[Page528] @ICSP   AT45DB161D[Page512] @ICSP   
      AT49BV001                   AT49BV001   @PLCC32         AT49BV001   @TSOP32         AT49BV001   @VSOP32         
      AT49BV001A                  AT49BV001A   @PLCC32        AT49BV001A   @TSOP32        AT49BV001A   @VSOP32        
      AT49BV001AN                 AT49BV001AN  @PLCC32        AT49BV001AN  @TSOP32        AT49BV001AN  @VSOP32        
      AT49BV001ANT                AT49BV001ANT @PLCC32        AT49BV001ANT @TSOP32        AT49BV001ANT @VSOP32        
      AT49BV001AT                 AT49BV001AT  @PLCC32        AT49BV001AT  @TSOP32        AT49BV001AT  @VSOP32        
      AT49BV001N                  AT49BV001N  @PLCC32         AT49BV001N  @TSOP32         AT49BV001N  @VSOP32         
      AT49BV001NT                 AT49BV001NT @PLCC32         AT49BV001NT @TSOP32         AT49BV001NT @VSOP32         
      AT49BV001T                  AT49BV001T  @PLCC32         AT49BV001T  @TSOP32         AT49BV001T  @VSOP32         
      AT49BV002                   AT49BV002    @PLCC32        AT49BV002    @TSOP32        AT49BV002    @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002A                  AT49BV002A   @PLCC32        AT49BV002A   @TSOP32        AT49BV002A   @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002AN                 AT49BV002AN  @PLCC32        AT49BV002AN  @TSOP32        AT49BV002AN  @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002ANT                AT49BV002ANT @PLCC32        AT49BV002ANT @TSOP32        AT49BV002ANT @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002AT                 AT49BV002AT  @PLCC32        AT49BV002AT  @TSOP32        AT49BV002AT  @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002N                  AT49BV002N   @PLCC32        AT49BV002N   @TSOP32        AT49BV002N   @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002NT                 AT49BV002NT  @PLCC32        AT49BV002NT  @TSOP32        AT49BV002NT  @VSOP32        
      AT49BV002T                  AT49BV002T   @PLCC32        AT49BV002T   @TSOP32        AT49BV002T   @VSOP32        
      AT49BV004   @TSOP40         AT49BV004T  @TSOP40         AT49BV008A  @TSOP40         AT49BV008AT @TSOP40         
      AT49BV010                   AT49BV010   @PLCC32         AT49BV010   @TSOP32         AT49BV010   @VSOP32         
      AT49BV020                   AT49BV020   @PLCC32         AT49BV020   @TSOP32         AT49BV020   @VSOP32         
      AT49BV040                   AT49BV040   @PLCC32         AT49BV040   @TSOP32         AT49BV040   @VSOP32         
      AT49BV040A                  AT49BV040A  @PLCC32         AT49BV040A  @TSOP32         AT49BV040A  @VSOP32         
      AT49BV040B                  AT49BV040B  @PLCC32         AT49BV040B  @TSOP32         AT49BV040B  @VSOP32         
      AT49BV040T                  AT49BV040T  @PLCC32         AT49BV040T  @TSOP32         AT49BV040T  @VSOP32         
      AT49BV080  @TSOP40          AT49BV080T @TSOP40          AT49BV1024A  @VSOP40        AT49BV160    @TSOP48        
      AT49BV160T   @TSOP48        AT49BV161    @TSOP48        AT49BV161T   @TSOP48        AT49BV1604   @TSOP48        
      AT49BV1604T  @TSOP48        AT49BV1614   @TSOP48        AT49BV1614T  @TSOP48        AT49BV162A   @TSOP48        
      AT49BV162AT  @TSOP48        AT49BV163A   @TSOP48        AT49BV163AT  @TSOP48        AT49BV2048A  @TSOP48        
      AT49BV320    @TSOP48        AT49BV320T   @TSOP48        AT49BV320D   @TSOP48        AT49BV321    @TSOP48        
      AT49BV321T   @TSOP48        AT49BV322    @TSOP48        AT49BV322T   @TSOP48        AT49BV3218   @TSOP48        
      AT49BV3218T  @TSOP48        AT49BV4096A  @TSOP48        AT49BV4096AT @TSOP48        AT49BV512                   
      AT49BV512    @PLCC32        AT49BV512    @TSOP32        AT49BV512    @VSOP32        AT49BV6416   @TSOP48        
      AT49BV6416T  @TSOP48        AT49BV8011   @TSOP48        AT49BV8011T  @TSOP48        AT49BV802A   @TSOP48        
      AT49BV802AT  @TSOP48        AT49BV8192A  @TSOP48        AT49BV8192AT @TSOP48        AT49F001                    
      AT49F001    @PLCC32         AT49F001    @TSOP32         AT49F001    @VSOP32         AT49F001A                   
      AT49F001A    @PLCC32        AT49F001A    @TSOP32        AT49F001A    @VSOP32        AT49F001AN                  
      AT49F001AN   @PLCC32        AT49F001AN   @TSOP32        AT49F001AN   @VSOP32        AT49F001ANT                 
      AT49F001ANT  @PLCC32        AT49F001ANT  @TSOP32        AT49F001ANT  @VSOP32        AT49F001AT                  
      AT49F001AT   @PLCC32        AT49F001AT   @TSOP32        AT49F001AT   @VSOP32        AT49F001N
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